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Zoey Deutch Delivers a Perfect Satire of Influencer Scams in Hulu’s ‘Not Okay’

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Zoey Deutch Delivers a Perfect Satire of Influencer Scams in Hulu’s ‘Not Okay’


The year is 2018, there is no pandemic in sight, and the hottest club in New York City is a Brooklyn loft where underpaid twenty-somethings type out under-edited lifestyle blogs. The Cut has just published its takedown of social media scammer Anna Delvy, and, in one year’s time, will publish its infamous “I Was Caroline Calloway” essay, in which a popular influencer was revealed to (mostly) be the work of a ghostwriter. It was a defining cultural moment for chronically online millennials, including the fictional chronically online millennial in the new satirical comedy, Not Okay, which began streaming on Hulu on Friday. It’s a biting satire that both takes aim at, and empathizes with, a generation shaped by social media narcissism, and it couldn’t be more spot-on.

Written and directed by Quinn Shephard, Not Okay offers its own brilliant—though totally imagined—entry into of the Summer of the Scam. Zoey Deutch stars as Danni Sanders, a deeply insecure hot mess whose only claim to originality is her bleach-blonde skunk hair. Danni works as a photo editor at a media company called Depravity, a sort of babe-dot-net website with Instagramable neon signs and its own in-house social media influencer (more on him later). But she dreams of being a writer. Unfortunately, her editor is not interested in publishing Danni’s essay about her 9/11 FOMO. (She was on a cruise with her parents when it happened, and laments missing out on “trauma bonding” with her…

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