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YouTuber Accuses Walmart of Selling Fake Pokemon TCG Products

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YouTuber Accuses Walmart of Selling Fake Pokemon TCG Products


One Pokemon YouTuber accuses Walmart of selling fake Pokemon TCG products, allowing customers to be scammed by malicious third-party accounts.

Without a doubt, the Pokemon Trading Card Game is one of the most popular and successful trading card games in the world. Rare cards have been known to go for thousands of dollars at auction, which means that counterfeit cards can be a real problem for fans. Now, a YouTuber is accusing Walmart of selling fake Pokemon TCG products to scam card collectors.

This isn’t the first incident that has occurred which is connected to Walmart selling Pokemon trading cards, but it may be one of the biggest. During the pandemic, Walmart and other big retailers began focusing more on online sales. However, this may have made it easier for one sponsored seller to distribute fraudulent Pokemon cards.


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One of the many Pokemon TCG products currently being sold on Walmart’s site is the XY Evolutions Booster box. However, this particular box is a scam containing counterfeit Pokemon cards – and it’s being sold by one of Walmart’s sponsored sellers, a third-party account approved to sell products through the Walmart online store. YouTuber Deep Pocket Monster revealed the scam in a 12-minute-long video titled “HUGE Pokemon Card Scam EXPOSED.”

The issue came to Deep Pocket Monster’s attention when a member of his Discord…

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