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Williams: Trust the Science Frauds

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Williams: Trust the Science Frauds


Below is an opinion column by Kelley Williams:

Trust the Science Fraud drove the COVID-19 pandemic – which seems to be petering out despite desperate efforts to prolong it.  What’s coming next?  Damage control and a whitewash of history?  More Big Lie coverups?  A reckoning for those responsible?  Do they have natural immunity for fraud?

Richard Feynman, the Nobel laureate physicist, was an investigator of the Challenger disaster.  He identified its probable cause – launch control error.  It was too cold to launch.  He explained why simply and clearly and observed: “Nature cannot be fooled.”

He was right.  Nature can’t be fooled.  But we can be.  And we have been fooled about COVID.  Mark Twain: “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.”  It’s still true.  Look at mask wearers who didn’t wear them before COVID.  Do they all have allergies now?

Trust the Science Fraud is also driving the Global Warming/Climate Change/Green Energy mania.  We’ve been fooled about it too.  But it’s not petering out.  Capital flows into green energy are accelerating.  Energy security is the latest rationalization.  Investments in…

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