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Why you need your local newspaper

IRS Scams

Why you need your local newspaper


We like good news but typically the news is not good. Too often no news is good news. In reality, no news is bad news for us all. 

There is lots of recent bad news. A crazed gunman entered a dance hall in Monterey Park killing 10 people and wounding many innocent people.

A former employee walked into an Evansville, Indiana Walmart and shot an employee in the face in the store breakroom. The shooter was killed by local police.

A planned protest in downtown Atlanta turned violent when protestors damaged stores and burned a police car over the weekend.  

We did hear astonishing good news from Monterey Park. Brandon Tsay confronted the gunman at a second location where he was about to enter and kill more people. He heroically wrestled the gun away from the killer and pointed it at him causing the gunman to leave the scene. Only God knows how many lives Tsay saved. He is a true hero. 

News is always happening nationally, locally and individually to us all. We need the information whether it’s good or bad. We need the national and regional news but the local news is up front and close to us.

For example, all around us we are targets of scams, thieves and prowling bad people. Americans were scammed to the tune $5.8 billion in 2021. We are never beyond being duped. Today, daily text messages, emails, phone calls and mail come to Americans phishing for a sucker who will buy the false story they are telling. They are good at what they do. 

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