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What is COTPS.com? Is COTPS legit or is it a scam? COTPS 2022 review


What is COTPS.com? Is COTPS legit or is it a scam? COTPS 2022 review


COTPS.com is a new Crypto OTC Trading Platform which has been functioning and running since October 2021. It is a a platform that promises high returns of 0.3% per trade and runs 24/7 using script and macro software to enjoy passive income. Traders are able to enjoy up to 3.6% returns per day with withdrawals seemingly instant. 

COTPS.com promises that it’s users can enjoy high frequency trading services and secure fund management at their COTP exchange. It claims that it has built the worlds first high-frequency trading digital exchange and network-wide distributable profit system whereby it’s users can enjoy real time order quotation, all done anonymously on the blockchain. 

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COTPS.COM 2022 Review 

While Cryptos OTC Trading Platforms are not necessarily a new thing, COTPS.com has not been around for very long. Trustpilot reviews have only started since January and there is not many other reviews about the legitimacy of the platform online. 

Therefore, as with all investments it is important to take an element of caution and only invest what you can afford to lose. 

The author of this article can personally vouch for the legitimacy of the platform and has acquaintances who have been able to make several withdrawals, but this is a personal capacity and cannot be verified on a large scale. 

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