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Victims report shipping scam with Anderson connection |

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Victims report shipping scam with Anderson connection |


ANDERSON — Reshipping scams have reappeared many times in the past few years as job seekers are looking to work from home.

Better Business Bureau is receiving an increased number of Scam Tracker reports related to a work from home reshipping scam. Victims across the U.S from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and Texas report being scammed by Shipowners Team, LLC, a company claiming to be located in Anderson.

The reports indicate the victim’s résumé was posted on job boards seeking employment and were approached by a recruiter. Then after a brief interview process, they were hired, and received a W2 form and were asked to fill it out completely, including their social security numbers. Once they submitted the personal information requested, they began receiving packages to ship, but after some time, they never received a paycheck, raising concern.

How the scam works

The company solicits by email under the guise of hiring “agents” to package items and mail them overseas. The position is advertised to reimburs “agents” for their expenses and pay a monthly stipend.  

After accepting the job, the person is asked to ship something – often electronics, but sometimes other goods – to an address overseas. Payment never arrives. 

Clarence, a victim in Pennsylvania reached out to BBB to report his experience with this scam.

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