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Vacation booking site complaints, fake rental ad warning

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Vacation booking site complaints, fake rental ad warning


A customer hit with surprise fees after booking her vacation online. What can you do if this happens to you? Plus, we have a warning about fake ads for vacation rentals all over common websites.

Help for issues when booking vacation travel

As you look ahead to booking your summer travel, you have probably noticed there are a lot third-party booking websites you can use. We told you about Mont Belvieu mom Dayna Hickman who was frustrated when she was charged unexpected fees after booking a vacation on Vrbo. She ended up canceling the trip and getting a refund.

If you are having issues with an online travel booking website the Texas Attorney General’s Office says before you file any complaints and do these things:


  • Go up the chain of command with the business

If the customer service rep isn’t helping, ask for the manager. Sometimes contacting corporate headquarters is your best bet. Businesses thrive on public reviews so they will usually want to correct the problem for you.

  • File a complaint (or three!)

When the business won’t help file a complaint and don’t stop with just one. You can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, Texas Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. The BBB will contact the company on your behalf, to try and resolve the issue.

  • Last resort: small claims court

Consumer attorney Ryan Marquez tells us you could also take the company to small claims court if they won’t refund your money. In order to do that, you have to send a warning…

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