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Urgent scam warning issued as fraudsters claim to need remote access to devices

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Urgent scam warning issued as fraudsters claim to need remote access to devices


Action Fraud have issued a fresh warning after it was revealed more than £50 million were lost to scams after victims were tricked into handing out their hard-earned cash.

The shocking figure comes as new data from the national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime reveals that 20,144 people fell victim to scams where they were persuaded to grant criminals remote access to their device.

Sadly it was also discovered that each person who fell victim to the scams was said to, on average, lose a total of £2,868 with a total loss of £57,790,384 lost amongst all victims.

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The warning comes as Action Fraud launched a new national awareness campaign this week to increase awareness around the safe use of remote access tools and to remind the public to think twice before allowing somebody you don’t know access to your device.

But what are these remote access tool scams?

Action Fraud has said that the scam will at first appear to be a browser pop-up saying that your computer is infected with a virus.

It could also start in the form of a call from someone claiming to be from your bank and that they have to connect to your computer in order to cancel a fraudulent transaction on your account.

After the person believes that their money is at steak, they will then ask you to download and connect via a remote access tool which allows the criminal to gain access to the victims…

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