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UC Berkeley Police Warn Of Phone Scam

Credit Card Scams

UC Berkeley Police Warn Of Phone Scam


BERKELEY, CA — Police at the University of California at Berkeley are alerting the public about phone scams where suspects are extorting money from unsuspecting victims, the department announced on Tuesday.

Suspects contact individuals either by telephone or video calls and pose as immigration or police officers, UCPD said. The scammers may dress in uniforms and can create caller IDs that look like a legitimate government number.

Once on the line with a victim, the fake authorities will threaten deportation or arrest if a sum of money is not paid. The caller often demands that the money be sent via wire to an overseas bank account.

Berkeley Police stress that legitimate authorities will never call you to threaten to arrest you if you don’t pay them money. People should especially avoid giving credit card, bank account, or Social Security information out over the phone.

UCPD also listed things to keep in mind when receiving suspicious calls. In general, scammers
-can fake caller ID
-can dress in such a way as to appear to be police or government officials
-will often threaten people by telling them they are under investigation
-will often follow their threats with demands for money
-will often demand you pay them using cyber methods such as wire transfer, Bitcoin, store gift cards, etc.

Anyone who believes they may have been targeted by one of these scams is asked to call UC police at (510) 642-6760.

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