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Tossing Mark Emmert overboard not enough to save sinking NCAA

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Tossing Mark Emmert overboard not enough to save sinking NCAA


The NCAA announced on Tuesday that president Mark Emmert is stepping down. Maybe this is just me being naive, but it would be nice if the next person in that position could actually do something for the benefit of student-athletes.

Seems simple, right?

Well, before you answer that question, the NCAA is going to have all of its members vote on a board that’s going to recommend establishing a committee that, after a while, might or might not appoint a working group that could, maybe, have the power to schedule workshops for consultants who will, in the end, recommend revisiting the issue when, and we’re quoting the lawyers now, “the legal framework one day presents itself.”

“For the benefit,” it was determined by the lawyers, is a phrase too dangerous for the NCAA to even consider addressing. The NCAA represents institutions of higher learning, noted the spokesperson. You can’t put a price on knowledge.

The NCAA, in other words, isn’t designed to benefit student-athletes. It’s designed to waste everyone’s time.

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Emmert, a well-paid coat rack, is scheduled to be out by June 2023. Good riddance, but, really, one guy at the top of an organization that represents all universities isn’t actually the problem with the NCAA. Yeah, Emmert was…

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