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Top five holiday season scams to look out for

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Top five holiday season scams to look out for


Scammers try to take advantage of the holiday season, when many people are shopping and donating more than they usually do. Here’s what to be wary of.

For many Americans, the holiday season is the most generous time of the year, inspiring people to give gifts and to donate to charities.

But not everyone is in the holiday giving spirit. Peak shopping season is also peak scamming season, so we’ve put together five of the most common holiday-related scams for you to be aware of while you’re spreading holiday cheer.



VERIFY reviewed holiday scam warnings from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the AARP to create this list of the five most common scams.

It’s possible to fall victim to a variation of each of these scams year-round, but their snares are more effective during this time of year when many people are shopping more than usual.

Fake shipping notifications

A fake shipping notification is exactly what it sounds like: A notification sent via text or email with information about a delivery that isn’t real. It’s likely you’ve received these kinds…

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