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This new Elon Musk Twitter scam is raking in millions


This new Elon Musk Twitter scam is raking in millions


Scams come in many forms, and criminals seemingly have no shame in spreading them. The most common is through social media or phishing attacks, but sometimes they rope in the help of well-known personalities.

Elon Musk and Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey are the latest examples of familiar faces promoting cryptocurrency investments. But this is, of course, without their authorization and the promotion is fake.

Read on for ways to spot scams like these and what you can do about them.

Here’s the backstory

A series of YouTube videos supposedly starring Musk, Dorsey and investor Cathie Wood have been widely shared recently. The videos show the trio promoting various cryptocurrency websites and services. The lure is that you can double your investment in 24 hours.

But it shouldn’t take an online detective to realize that the videos are fake and the websites linked to the promotional campaign are malicious. As McAfee points out in a blog post, the scammers manipulated clips of Musk and Dorsey and broadcast them on YouTube as a live stream.

While the talks on cryptocurrency by Musk and Dorsey are real, the scammers put their frame around it and included several web links. In case it’s not clear, Musk, Dorsey and Wood aren’t promoting the crypto websites, and if you invest money in them, it’ll be lost…

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