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The Wrap – Password protection and going on scam watch – Pickr

Credit Card Scams

The Wrap – Password protection and going on scam watch – Pickr


This week on The Wrap, we’ll check your password and help you go on the defence against SMS scams, plus what’s new in the world of TVs and phone and more, all in five.

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For the beginning of May 2022, this is The Wrap, Australia’s fastest technology roundup, and as we push into the middle of the year, it can be all too easy to forget about the maintenance and hygiene our digital life requires.

This week saw World Password Day, one of the days where that maintenance is actually important to think about, because so many passwords are bad, and don’t need to be. You know the sort: if your passwords have your name or a set of numbers like “123” or “123456”, you’re rocking what many in the industry would consider a “bad password”, and it’s time to move on and secure your life. World Password Day is partly a reminder to do just that, and while it was one day – May 5, also Cinco De Mayo – it’s a day that can be practised any day.

However, while password security can be improved, typically to passwords that are difficult to remember, we’re also moving to a world where password won’t even necessarily be something you have to remember. Not entirely, anyway.

The password-less world of passwords might sound a little ironic,…

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