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The money-grabbing thieves and fraudsters in court for raking in thousands

Loan Scams

The money-grabbing thieves and fraudsters in court for raking in thousands


From a fraudster claiming to be a knight to an Asda shopper caught out with his self-scanning racket – these are just some of the crooks who have ended up in court. Greedy criminals who thought they could get away with their money-grabbing schemes have been hauled before magistrates and judges for their wrongdoings.

Some were sent straight to prison for their serious offending, while others managed to walk free from court with orders to repay their unsuspecting victims. This year, a number of criminals have found themselves in courts across Birmingham and the Black Country for tricking others out of their cash.

Here we have rounded-up some of the offenders who have landed in court for offences including fraud and theft this year. Check out our dedicated courts page here.

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Eric Fitzpatrick Danison

Eric Fitzpatrick Danison who now goes by Sir Patrick Tristram Bijou

Fake knight Eric Fitzpatrick Danison was told by a court he must find £1.5m or go back to jail. The convicted fraudster lived a life of luxury before he was uncovered as being behind a £14m property scam.

He was jailed for 11 years in 2010 for duping rich investors but ignored a demand to repay the huge seven-figure sum – which covered his ill-gotten gains. He…

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