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The Internet Gets Real About the ‘Biggest Scams in Life’

IRS Scams

The Internet Gets Real About the ‘Biggest Scams in Life’


Redditors have weighed in when it comes to the “biggest scams in life,” and they aren’t holding back with their eye-opening responses.

The viral Reddit post probing the question is titled, “What’s the biggest scam in life that no one wants to admit?” It has amassed 25,000 upvotes since it was shared on the subreddit “Ask Reddit” on April 29.

The cost of items, specifically for babies was brought up, and it’s enough to produce emotion in some. “The prices of anything baby-related,” a Redditor relayed. “Toys, food, clothes, etc. Was in a store on Saturday to get a cot mattress and cover. I cried.”

In fact, Statista reported that in 2020, diaper sales totaled $4,858,230 in the United States. In addition, baby wipes sales amounted to $1,544,150 that same year.

Redditor @Horror-Tap2093 shared the post, which has garnered over 19,000 comments and counting.

Some people brought up insurance and the fact that it doesn’t always cover everything. “How the f**k does health insurance not cover dental and vision?” a Redditor asked. “What kind of shenanigans is that?”

That wasn’t the only comment calling out health coverage though. Another Redditor mentioned having to pay “exorbitant amounts of money for health insurance, and still having to pay boatloads of cash for any doctor/hospital visits.”

Others mentioned circumstances involving subscriptions, such as for gyms. “The easy-to-join, difficult-to-cancel subscription model,” a Redditor expressed.

Another user seemed to agree, adding that the…

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