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The Guardia Civil´s Operation Loverboy smashes online scam

Online Scams

The Guardia Civil´s Operation Loverboy smashes online scam


Nigerian fraudsters allegedly made €250,000 in an online scam that targeted vulnerable people as the Guardia Civil investigate 13 people in Spain.

The Guardia Civil´s Operation Loverboy, is investigating the alleged perpetrators of love scams, carried out from Spain, with connections in Italy, UK and Nigeria, the force said in a statement on April 23.

The operation began in June 2021, when one of the victims informed the Guardia Civil that she had been swindled over the internet for months.

The perpetrators had gained the trust of the victim getting them to make bank transfers of more than €34,000.

During the course of the investigation, the Guardia Civil detected nine victims of Spanish nationality, with addresses in Huelva, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Oviedo, and the Basque Country.

The type of scam, also known as “fake virtual boyfriend/girlfriend”, consists of the offender taking advantage of the victim’s psychological vulnerability to create a false identity.

In some cases, they pose as Hollywood actors and actresses, feigning a love or sexual interest, which usually leads to a virtual relationship that can last several months before gaining the trust of the victim.

Once a bond is established and the victim shows some confidence, he begins to ask for money, claiming that he cannot dispose of his own assets since he is in another country, that it is for charitable causes or to be able to dispose of a millionaire inheritance of…

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