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Tesco shoppers warned about distraction scam in car park after gran falls victim

Credit Card Scams

Tesco shoppers warned about distraction scam in car park after gran falls victim


A grandmother who was wary of leaving her home after she was targeted in a sophisticated distraction theft at a Tesco has finally been reimbursed her £1,000.

Lola Sledmere, aged 88, lost the money after lowlifes saw her PIN, swiped her bank card and withdrew cash at ATMs as far as 47 miles from her home.

It’s believed she was followed in the Tesco Superstore in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, and then distracted by an accomplice at the trolley bay last month.

The gran of seven was left frustrated with police and TSB, but has finally got her money back – and a further £150 in compensation from the bank.

She still feels supermarkets should do more to prevent such crimes from happening, particularly to vulnerable customers.

“Considering these large supermarkets, like Sainsbury’s and Morrisons as well, make so much money, they should do more to help prevent these things from happening,” Ms Sledmere said today.

“I think maybe they should have guards or certainly uniformed security moving around the supermarket because there needs to be more of a presence for sure. If there was just more of a presence, these criminals won’t feel so free to act like this.

“The guards or security staff could just wander around the shops to watch for this behaviour. They need to be seen so they should have a uniform and, preferably, guns but I’m not sure that’s allowed anymore.

“I think that would probably stop this sort of behaviour.

“I’m relieved to have my money back but I’m worried for other…

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