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Terra Plans $750M Bitcoin ‘Loan’ To Market Makers To Defend UST Peg

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Terra Plans $750M Bitcoin ‘Loan’ To Market Makers To Defend UST Peg


The Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) plans to loan $750 million worth of Bitcoin BTC/USD to market makers as part of a wider strategy to protect the UST stablecoin peg.

What Happened: The Terra LUNA/USD blockchain’s stablecoin TerraUSD UST/USD briefly lost its peg to the U.S. dollar on Saturday in what the community described as a “coordinated attack.”

The weekend’s events prompted the LFG Council to come out with a way to tackle the issue.

The blockchain said it plans to loan $750 million worth of BTC to over-the-counter trading firms to protect the UST peg and loan $750 million UST to accumulate BTC as conditions normalize.

Market participants interpreted the announcement as a way to save face and justify the sale of Bitcoin. For context, Terra has been steadily acquiring BTC for its reserves over the last month to make its algorithmic stablecoin UST into one that is backed by Bitcoin.

Terra founder Do Kwon confirmed that the transaction had been sent out and said that the blockchain plans to “eventually redeem this entire…

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