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sustainable or scam?’ – Trail Daily Times


sustainable or scam?’ – Trail Daily Times


The federal budget allocates $2.6 billion to carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).

CCUS includes carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), atmospheric decarbonization, and capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide for profitable uses.

CCS was a public relations creation promising the guiltless pleasure of continued fossil fuel use by reducing fossil fuels’ contribution to the climate crisis.

It requires separating, liquefying, and pumping into very deep holes carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion.

Studies show CCS is technically complex, incredibly expensive, and voraciously energy intensive. Nonetheless, oil and gas continues preaching false hope, green wash, suggesting fossil fuels can be clean.

CCS will never be widely adopted because coal is no longer the lowest-cost option for generating electricity. A 2018 World Economic Forum report says the cost of generating electricity using solar or wind energy is less than half the price of electricity from coal.

The levelized cost of a unit of electricity from solar power is $50, from wind: $45, and from coal: $102.

Since the sun and wind are cheaper and cleaner than coal, further investment in CCS is pointless.

However, grants to utilities to switch from coal to wind, solar or other renewables would be wise investments financially and environmentally.

Atmospheric decarbonization mitigates the climate crisis by intentionally removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Atmospheric decarbonization is what…

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