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Sheriff’s Office warns of ‘court date’ scam | Crime Crashes Fires

IRS Scams

Sheriff’s Office warns of ‘court date’ scam | Crime Crashes Fires


The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook posting that they’ve been getting calls from citizens who say someone is calling them about missed “court dates.”

The caller claims to work for the HCSO and says the person being called has missed one or more court dates. In order to “clear up” the contempt of court issues, the victim is to pay, over the phone, and/or with a gift card.

“This is a scam,” the agency said. “Law enforcement officials do not call, and request or demand money.”

If you get such a call, the Sheriff’s Office said, you should hang up immediately.

Other calls might be about a relative who’s in jail or purport to be from the Internal Revenue Service, and that you need to go out and buy a gift card to “clear it up.”

Neither the IRS nor law enforcement agencies accept payments via gift card, the Sheriff’s Office said.

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