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Scams that target job seekers | Political Economy

Online Scams

Scams that target job seekers | Political Economy


any job seekers from the rural areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been deprived of money through fake advertisements.

Many people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s rural areas of Shangla, Kohistan, Swat, Battagram and Torghar wish to work abroad. Recently, they have been using the internet to find jobs. This has made them vulnerable to scammers using fake advertisements.

Malik Jan from Swat says he was looking for a job overseas and found an advertisement announcing vacancies in Qatar. “I applied through an online Google form. After a week, I received an email message. The sender claimed that he represented the Qatari company in Pakistan. He congratulated me on my selection for the job. However, the sender also asked for a payment to process my job request,” Jan says.

“I deposited Rs 4,000 in his account in Pakistan. The next day, he demanded more money. I grew suspicious and I asked him for a job letter. Ever since, he has not responded to my emails,” Jan says.

In another episode, Malik Jan received a WhatsApp message informing that he had been shortlisted for an overseas job. “The unknown contact told me that my employment letter was ready. I told him that I had not applied for a job. The scammer then stopped responding. They are stealing money from people by giving out fake information through digital platforms,” he says.

Muzammil Shah, a resident of Kolai Pallas, Kohistan, says he saw an advertisement on Facebook regarding jobs in the Federal Investigation Agency…

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