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Scammers use pets as a lure – Sheridan Media

Online Scams

Scammers use pets as a lure – Sheridan Media


The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office reports an increase in calls regarding an online scam involving pet sales. 

Sheridan County Sheriff Allen Thompson warned the public of the scam while appearing on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse program. According to Thompson, victims were lured in with promises of receiving the pets after money had already changed hands, but the victim never received the animal. 

Thompson advised the public to meet with the individual before exchanging money and see the pet before any money is paid. 

The scam can be conducted year round and Thompson suggested performing research on anyone who identifies themselves as an animal breeder online before purchasing an animal.  

According to the Humane Society, one particular story that has become popular among scammers involves a pet-selling that will include a long-distance seller—claiming to be in another country doing missionary work—who cannot keep the dog because the climate is too hot.

The scammers continue to tell the victim the animal is stuck at an airport due to customs. The scammer tells the victim they must send them money to have the animal released. The Humane Society reports that some victims sent multiple money orders by the time they realized the animal never existed in the first place. 

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a phone, email or social media scam, notify the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office at…

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