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Scammers target All About Pawz Dog Rescue social media pages

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Scammers target All About Pawz Dog Rescue social media pages


AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Scammers are going to new lengths to try to get money from people, including hacking non-profits’ social media pages.

All About the Pawz Dog Rescue was the latest target.

Recently, the organization’s Facebook page was hacked, and a post was made asking for donations.

The post read, in part:

“Meet ZOE and FIONA. They are 2 sweet female puppies that were brought in today by Miss Jenifer because he had an urgent job appointment out of state and there was no one to look after these sweet puppies so he brought them here so we can find a good and loving home for them.”

The post had photos of the dogs attached and it went on to ask anyone who was interested in adopting the French bulldog and the golden retriever puppies to fill out an application. The application process went on to collect deposits and adoption fees from people.

The attorney from the organization posted the following statement:

“There is a wave of rescue and shelter Facebook and Instagram page thefts occurring. The hackers take over the page through an administrator’s compromised personal account and post fake pets for “adoption,” collecting deposits and “adoption” fees from unsuspecting hopeful adopters. Don’t fall prey to this. All page admins must have secure personal accounts with strong passwords and two-factor authentication. Consult…

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