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Scammers remain active, bring in more than €1.2 million in three months | News

Online Scams

Scammers remain active, bring in more than €1.2 million in three months | News


While previously it was known that major call centers from which phone scams were conducted were located in Ukraine, according to the web constable of the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA), these scams have continued even after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began.

“What we currently know is that fraudulent calls are coming from abroad, but from where, exactly, we can’t actually say,” PPA Capt. Maarja Punak told ERR on Thursday. “According to the latest news, such call centers have been discovered in Latvia and Lithuania too, for example. In other words, the fact that they have previously been uncovered in Ukraine doesn’t mean that that is the only place where they are located; the scam network is actually quite broad.”

According to Punak, the sites of such call centers are constantly changing as they relocate frequently. The most prevalent scam, in any case, remains the same.

“In terms of phone scams, where someone claims they are a representative from the bank or of Google, for example, these have remained the same throughout — the script they’re following has remained the same,” she said.

Targets of the scam are told that there is something going on on their computer and it has to be taken over quickly, and are told they need to download Anydesk, a remote desktop application. “People then download it and as a result end up having their money taken from them later,” she added.

According to the web constable, investment scams are prevalent on platforms such as…

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