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Sanctions on Russian oligarch donors hit Israel institutions

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Sanctions on Russian oligarch donors hit Israel institutions


JERUSALEM (AP) — Billionaire Moshe Kantor has severed his longstanding ties to Tel Aviv University — joining a growing list of Russian Jewish oligarchs who have scaled back their philanthropic activities after coming under international sanctions for their ties to President Vladimir Putin.

The sanctions have shaken up the world of Jewish philanthropy, which relies heavily on deep-pocketed donors like Kantor, and forced a number of prominent organizations to abruptly end partnerships with their benefactors since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

Kantor, a Russian fertilizer magnate who also holds British citizenship, served as the longtime president of the European Jewish Congress, emerging as an outspoken fighter against antisemitism. He founded or led a number of other important Jewish causes, including the World Holocaust Forum, served on the council of Israel’s national Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem and helped inaugurate the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry at Tel Aviv University.

But after the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on Kantor early this month, he abruptly stepped down from the European Jewish Congress after 15 years at the helm. Tel Aviv University confirmed this week that Kantor’s name had been removed from the Jewish studies center, just days before it was to release its annual report on global antisemitism.

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