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Run your own credit check | Local News

Credit Card Scams

Run your own credit check | Local News


Why do hackers work so hard and relentlessly to penetrate the data files of government agencies, banks, hospitals, retailers, or just about anyone who stores digital information?

Very often, these hackers are in search of the personal information on people, stored in these systems. Information like names, postal addresses, email addresses, birthdates, phone numbers, credit card numbers and the most prized find of all – social security numbers.

Hackers need this kind of personal information to commit identity theft. Usually this identity theft involves crooks opening up credit card accounts, or other credit accounts, in the name of the unsuspecting victim.

If this happens to you, it’s very possible you won’t discover something went wrong for months or even years. One practice which helps us better monitor who might be using our identities, is to periodically check our credit reports. When you check your credit report, you can see if someone is misusing your personal information to run up credit card charges, or opening new credit card accounts. These new accounts don’t always involve credit cards. Stolen identities are sometimes used to open accounts for phone or other utility services.

Right now, it’s easier than ever to check your credit report. Through the end of 2022, everyone in this…

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