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Rs 38 Lakh Swindled In Customers’ Name In Odisha

Loan Scams

Rs 38 Lakh Swindled In Customers’ Name In Odisha


Himanshu Mohanty of Udala in Mayurbhanj district recently got the biggest shock of his life after he learnt to have availed loan by mortgaging fake gold in a bank. Mohanty, who has an account in Indian Overseas Bank, had mortgaged a gold chain. However, he is accused of availing a loan by pledging fake gold at the bank.

“As its renewal was due, I had visited the bank after getting a call from the gold appraiser Bijay Rana for completing formalities for renewal. I had signed some documents in presence of the branch manager Dipak Kumar. After a month, the branch manager informed that there has been fraud and I was accused of availing Rs 7 lakh loan by pledging fake gold,” alleged Mohanty.

Mohanty further said nearly 8 to 10 other customers have been the victims of such fraud to the tune of Rs 38 lakh.

“I have not pledged any gold or withdrawn any money. In October, money was credited to my account and within minutes the amount was debited. We fail to understand how money was withdrawn from my account as I had not given any cheque,” he alleged.

Biswajit Behera, another complainant said, “I got a call from bank informing me about the loan of Rs 4 lakh. But I had not pledged any gold in the bank.”

Behera alleged that the gold appraiser, branch manager and cashier are involved in the fraud. However, the concerned Branch Manager Dipak Kumar said, “The matter is being investigated. We will share…

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