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Resident loses $28,000 in refund scam: Middleburg Heights Police Blotter

IRS Scams

Resident loses $28,000 in refund scam: Middleburg Heights Police Blotter



Fraud: Newton Road

An officer spoke with a woman April 22 about fraudulent activity on her bank account.

She said that on April 15, she reviewed her emails and noticed one about a $2,698.99 purchase of two cell phones on Amazon. The phones’ delivery was set for a Delaware address. She did not order the phones.

She called the fraud protection team phone number listed in the email. (She later learned that the number was not associated with Amazon.)

A woman on the other end of the line told her that she needed to connect her with someone in the fraud department to refund her money. She then spoke with a man who said she had to go online and access her banking information to receive the refund.

She told him she did not do online banking. He said that needed to happen if she wanted to get a refund.

She called her credit union and kept him on the line as he instructed her to do. Once the online banking was established, the woman said the man made a black screen appear on her computer. She said he somehow gained remote access to her computer and was controlling everything from his end.

She said she did not go to any website or click any links. She was baffled as to how he gained control.

She told the officer that while the screen was black, the man told her to enter her name. He said he could not transfer large amounts of money at one time and told her to enter the amount of $2,600. She did, but was unable to enter a period after the second zero, so the…

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