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‘Queen of Mobile Homes’ accused of running Ponzi scheme

Ponzi Scheme

‘Queen of Mobile Homes’ accused of running Ponzi scheme


Chimene Van Gundy refers to herself as the “Queen of Mobile Homes” and “the Mobile Home Millionaire.”

The monikers reflect the business she says she’s built buying manufactured homes on the cheap, fixing them up and then flipping them for a tidy profit.

The New Braunfels businesswoman boasts that mobile-home investing secured her a place in one marketing group’s “two comma club” for those who have earned more than $10,000,000.

Some who have invested with Van Gundy expecting heady returns, however, have a far different take on the entrepreneur. They say she’s welshed on principal and interest payments on the loans they made to her. And they allege she’s orchestrated a Ponzi scheme that has collectively cost them and others at least a few million dollars.

Their complaints were enough to get Van Gundy dethroned.

A Comal County judge recently appointed a receiver to take over control of one of Van Gundy’s firms — Outstanding Real Estate Solutions Inc. (ORES) — and her personal financial affairs. Part of the receiver’s job will be to locate assets and preserve what’s left for creditors.

There may be little to recover from her company, though.

Chimene Van Gundy started Outstanding Real Estate Solutions Inc. to buy and sell mobile homes in 2015 after she was laid off from a corporate job.

“Everything we’ve…

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