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QR code scam: What is it, how to stay safe from such online frauds

Online Scams

QR code scam: What is it, how to stay safe from such online frauds


With more and more dependency on the internet, cases of online fraud are rising. One of the most common ways scammers trick users is through QR codes. OLX is one of the many platforms where the QR code scam is rising at a rapid speed. There are other platforms too, but my experience on OLX specifically has been bad. In fact, the company has also warned users against these scams several times in the past.

The other day, I listed some of my unused furniture for sale and what happened next was shocking. Thankfully, I am digitally sound and know some of the tricks that these scammers use to trick users.

OLX QR code scam

As soon as I listed the furniture for sale, three users messaged to purchase it at the same price as listed, which was slightly suspicious, to be honest. That’s simply because buyers on OLX usually bargain and do not agree immediately with the listed price.

In my case, the buyer immediately asked for my number and contacted me. He seemed very eager to purchase the furniture at the price that I mentioned. In fact, he said he would make the payment before getting the product. That was the second alarm.

When I asked him to first come and check out the furniture, he repeated the same. He said he would send some, but before that he would make the payment. It was the policy that he followed at his second-hand furniture shop, he said. It was suspicious, but I still continued the talk.

Later, the scammer asked me to send the location and UPI ID or payment ID or bank…

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