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Police called after scrap metal scam uncovered at Celsa recycling plant

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Police called after scrap metal scam uncovered at Celsa recycling plant


Two workers in a metal recycling plant cooked the books on deliveries and cost their employer almost £26,000 in over-payments.

Ceri Moses and Lee Prothero were in charge of logging the weight of scrap arriving by lorry at the firm’s facility in Swansea Docks, readings which were used to calculate payments. But the pair regularly over-recorded the weights of lorries coming through the gates – and in return, cash was left in the yard office by delivery drivers.

Swansea Crown Court heard despite police having records of the times and dates of all the dodgy deliveries and details of the vehicles involved, it seemed their investigation had gone no further than the two men in the dock. The barrister for one of the defendants said the pair were “fall guys”.

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Brian Simpson, prosecuting, said Moses and Prothero worked for metal recycling firm Celsa Recycling UK at its base in Swansea Docks, jobs they had held since joining in the summer of 2019. He said as part of their duties the pair were responsible weighing the lorries carrying scrap as they entered the yard, and then weighing them as they left having emptied their loads – the difference in the weights was used to calculate the payments due.

The barrister said that as well as the manual…

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