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Package on the way? Scammers target deliveries to get personal information

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Package on the way? Scammers target deliveries to get personal information


DENVER (KDVR) — Scammers from overseas are targeting your phones with texts, calls and emails making victims think they have to click a link to receive a package they have ordered.

“They say something like ‘you have a package on the way, click on this link’ and that’s where they get you,” said Roseann Freitas, PR & communications manager with the Better Business Bureau.

Freitas warns if you receive a message like that and you click the link, scammers could be using malware to download onto your phone. From there, she stated they would have access to your private information.

“We aren’t dealing with the bad grammar or spelling. These aren’t Nigerian princes, those days are gone. We are dealing with sophisticated crime rings,” Freitas said.

When sending these types of texts, emails or calls, Freitas said local scammers are looking to see if you are home.

“Someone is trying to see who is home to take a package because then they know that house isn’t being occupied.”  

She said the biggest thing victims do is believe the scammers are talking specifically about something they ordered online when in reality these scammers are spreading a wide net. She said they send these messages to thousands like a shot in the dark and hope someone bites.

“They start to scare you a bit and you think you won’t get your package, that’s a red flag,” Freitas said.

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