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Online fraudsters targeting community teen discos in heartless ticket scam

Online Scams

Online fraudsters targeting community teen discos in heartless ticket scam


Events as local as community teen discos in the county are being targeted by internet fraudsters eager to rob punters looking for scarce last minute tickets.

This week’s meeting of the Joint Policing Committee of Galway County Council was told that events such as a recent local teen disco in a Galway village were targeted by scamsters taking advantage of the desperation for must-have tickets.

Teen discos are a valuable source of fundraising for local community clubs in the county, but it seems that heartless fraudsters have the same idea and are looking to lure teens or their parents into purchasing tickets that in most cases do not exist.

The full extent of the problem is not yet known as many victims are too embarrassed to reveal that they have been scammed, but it is believed that already, many families have lost money online which they handed over in the belief they were buying a scarce ticket for their son or daughter.

One parent told The Advertiser that she was embarrassed at having been caught out.

“Tickets for the recent event sell out in double quick time, and I hadn’t bought them for my kids, so I foolishly saw someone online offering them for sale.

“I should have been more wary given the demand for tickets but never thought that scams woukld operate for such a local event. I bought two tickets from what seemed a straightforward person online, but the tickets never materialised and my money was gone,” she said.

Galway county councillor Karey McHugh…

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