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Online Frauds: Do Not Scan Qr Code To ‘receive’ The Money

Online Scams

Online Frauds: Do Not Scan Qr Code To ‘receive’ The Money


What appears obvious to a rational mind may not be too obvious all the time. Intuitively, we all know that making a payments via UPI calls for scanning a QR code, but some scamsters manage to convince their gullible victims that this method can be deployed to receive the money too.

What can leave you dumbfounded is that they succeed in their nefarious acts more often than not.

Sample this. Early this year, Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s daughter Harshita became a victim of online scam. She tried to sell an old sofa set at online second-hand marketplace but was, instead, duped of 34,000.

And she is not alone. Several such cases have come to the fore of late.

Another victim of online fraud shared his story on Mumbai’s reddit community.

This Mumbaikar wrote that he wanted to sell his furniture on an online marketplace. After seeing the advert, one potential ‘buyer’ called him and asked him to scan the QR code.

Despite being reluctant initially, he got convinced after he was affirmatively told that it was the only way to sell the furniture online.

Being a novice in online selling, he scanned the QR code with an intent to receive the money, but lost 5,000 instead. Much to his surprise, the scamster had the audacity to tell him to scan another QR code to receive the money which was sent inadvertently.

But he did not fall into his trap again, and instead…

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