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Moving company scams to look out for

Online Scams

Moving company scams to look out for


Know the signs of moving scams so you don’t become the victim of fraudulent movers!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — May is National Moving Month. According to a survey conducted by One Poll, the average person will move 5 times throughout the course of their life. While moving can be an exciting landmark of new beginnings, it can also be very stressful especially now with moving scams being reported to the Better Business Bureau every year.  

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Here are 4 red flags of moving scams according to the BBB:

  • The moving company’s website lacks basic information: The website should contain the physical address of the company as well as information about the mover’s insurance or registration.
  • The movers are using a rented truck: Experts say legitimate moving businesses will have their own truck, marked with the company logo and phone number.

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