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Montana Ranchers Have Lost $5 Million to Feed Company Scam

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Montana Ranchers Have Lost $5 Million to Feed Company Scam


The funny part about everyone having a phone in their pocket all the time is that nobody wants to talk on the thing. We use them for everything except having an actual conversation. It has to make you laugh just a little. And I’m just as guilty as the next person. Outside of the few close contacts I answer the phone for, I try not to pick up if it’s a number I don’t recognize. All I seem to get are calls about my always-expiring auto warranty and the numerous ways to lower a school loan. But I’ll take the pre-recorded spam calls over the scammers any day of the week!

The last scam call I got was from someone that claimed to be from my internet provider. The less than believable caller said I was behind on payments but I could get caught up if I followed a link that would connect my computer to theirs and make a direct payment. It was pretty easy to see through that one. But it looks like one group has taken its scams to the next level by going after targets that are used to spending some serious money on products they need.

Montana ranchers have been hit by feed scams

The Montana Attorney General is warning Montana ranchers to be aware of scams where products are promised but never delivered. A KPAX story says it’s estimated that up to $5 million has been stolen from ranchers after they paid a Canadian company that didn’t deliver goods as promised. New Way Ag was paid by their Montana victims but the company never followed through on delivering the low-priced hay and…

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