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Milwaukee woman charged for $3 million fake trust tax return

IRS Scams

Milwaukee woman charged for $3 million fake trust tax return


There was a time in Milwaukee when thieves used other people’s identities to file false returns to steal refunds totaling anywhere from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars.

As the IRS tried to crack down on so-called Stolen Identity Refund Fraud, or SIRF, thieves seem to have supercharged the scam by turning to filing fake returns for trusts.

In the latest case, a Milwaukee woman has been charged with filing a pair of returns seeking refunds of $13 million. She, like others, didn’t get it all, but still managed to have the IRS send her a check for $3.25 million, money prosecutors now will try to take back.

Janeen Rogers, 54, is charged wire fraud, engaging in an unlawful monetary transaction and filing a false claim. Her initial appearance in federal court is scheduled for May 25.

According to an indictment:

From the fall of 2019 to March 2020, Rogers prepared tax returns for two entities for the years 2017 and 2018, using commercial tax preparation software. Only one entity is identified, as the Noble Sun Trust. She falsified the income earned, taxes withheld and refunds they were entitled to, before having the refunds transferred to a bank account she controlled.

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The indictment says the two returns sought refunds totaling $13 million.  A return she filed in November 2019 for Noble Sun Trust, for the tax year 2017, claimed a refund of…

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