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Mangroves sacrificed for builders’ supply yard

Construction Scams

Mangroves sacrificed for builders’ supply yard

Aerial photo of area cleared illegally by K&B Ltd in 2020

(CNS): The Central Planning Authority has granted a controversial application that will see the remaining mangroves on a parcel of land along the South Sound coastline removed for a commercial builders’ supply store. Even though the Department of Environment is urging the CPA not to sacrifice the mangroves for a project that would be far better suited to another location already man-modified, the CPA gave the developers the green light as members found the application had been revised from a construction compound to a supplier.

According to the minutes from the meeting held on 30 March, the CPA found that the application by K&B Ltd (TAG Ltd) on Block 23C Parcel 233, which had originated as a plan for an industrial site for storing materials from other developments, was different enough to earn approval.

But while the words used to describe the proposed activity at the site changed from storage to retail, the plans have not changed at all. Nevertheless, the CPA was satisfied that this was a new application for a different development.

“Based on the confirmed use of the site, the Authority is satisfied that per Section 3.02(b) of the Development Plan 1997 and Regulation 13(1)(b) of the Development and Planning Regulations (2021 Revision), the development will be a less intense use than would be found in the General Commercial zone; the development will service the needs of the community; and the…

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