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It’s time for Malaysia to penalise Facebook for allowing scam ads


It’s time for Malaysia to penalise Facebook for allowing scam ads


The Ministry of Health has issued a statement refuting claims that it endorsed a diabetes recovery product that’s advertised on Facebook. The ad came from a Facebook page with 378 likes and it showed a photo of Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin with the text “Khairy’s Advice for Diabetics – Blood sugar returns to normal”.

The Ministry of Health warns all manufacturers and product owners to be responsible and not to cause confusion among the public. Despite the report from the Ministry of Health, the ad is still active and it has been running since 2nd May 2022. At the time of writing, it seems that Facebook has not taken any steps to stop the ad and as a result, Malaysian consumers are still at risk of being misled by false advertising on their platform.

Facebook has been allowing scammers to run fake ads targetting Malaysians

Fake ads on Facebook pretending to be The Star and The Sun.

Despite having an elaborate advertising policy that requires all ads to be reviewed, Facebook continues to approve fake and scam ads targetting innocent Malaysians. We’ve seen Facebook allowing ads promoting fake KFC…

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