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Is an RM1.6 million Macau scam the country’s most pressing concern?


Is an RM1.6 million Macau scam the country’s most pressing concern?


IT was reported that a 77-year-old widow lost almost RM1.2 million after she received a call from a woman claiming to be from the Inland Revenue Board. In a second similar case, a 39-year-old teacher lost almost RM395,000. Both cases are known as Macau scams.

Earlier, in July 2020, it was reported that six people of different ages and backgrounds were victims of Macau and love scams. They lost a total of RM7.19 million.

In December 2020, it was reported that a retired teacher lost RM1.8 million in another Macau scam.

Recently a report was lodged against a Court of Appeal judge for having RM1 million in his personal bank account. In this particular case, the authorities quickly sprang into action claiming they were acting based on reports they had received.

Now if the fact that a person has RM1 million in their bank accounts is cause for an investigation, then all the victims of the scams should subject to a probe.

People, please do not be distracted by such issues.

The rakyat are still looking to see clear distinct policies and direction on how the country will grow its economy, attract investments, generate employment and improve welfare and consumption. 

Instead, what the people are getting are non-issues.

Are these the most pressing concerns? 

Malaysian politics is more fractious now than ever. The political situation is less stable than it was two years ago. Where are we headed with the current situation?

Since the start of…

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