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Irish people warned about popular ‘Lottery scam’ in Spain used to steal money

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Irish people warned about popular ‘Lottery scam’ in Spain used to steal money


The Department of Foreign Affairs are warning Irish people of a scam where they are told they have won the Spanish lottery but are required to give a bank account number and other personal details before receiving the prize.

There are several different forms of the scam being run in Spain.

The scam is used to steal money or personal information.

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The Department of Foreign Affairs have advised people not to give out any personal details or bank account numbers to anyone claiming to be from a Spanish lottery.

In a statement they said: “There are several lottery scams being run from Spain. We advise you to be cautious if you’re contacted by an organisation claiming to be a Spanish lottery. Don’t give out personal details or pay any money, which may be described as an ‘advance fee’, a ‘tax’, or ‘insurance’. It’s likely to be a scam if you have entered a lottery and are asked to pay anything up-front or if the contact telephone number is a mobile phone.

“According to the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Spanish Lottery prizes are always free of taxes, and the Spanish police have already arrested and subjected to legal procedures some of the members of groups who were operating from Spain.

“Therefore, when you’re offered ‘prizes’ that seem to be linked to the Spanish Lottery, don’t pay any amount.”

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