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Investment Scams Skyrocket as Trading Explodes – NBC 6 South Florida


Investment Scams Skyrocket as Trading Explodes – NBC 6 South Florida


Crypto trading has exploded in the last year and a half, and crooks have taken notice. They’re finding new ways to pounce and pilfer, and these crimes have recently skyrocketed. 

Hatim Mursi says he had an entire life’s savings stolen in a cryptocurrency investment scam, more than a half-million dollars.

“I felt very vulnerable and I felt violated,” said Mursi. He says the funds are ”completely, completely, completely gone.”

The Fort Lauderdale resident says it all started when he received what he thought at the time was a wrong message on WhatsApp. It was a message he thought was meant for a friend. 

“It’s from somebody’s who’s confused, supposedly,” Mursi said. “The person apologized and then followed back by saying, ‘oh you seem nice.’”

That’s when he says the online relationship began. 

“They give you the feel that they’re very intelligent, very caring,” he said.

They chatted about everything from music to politics to business, but only via text. 

“They asked me if I have interest in cryptocurrency,” Mursi said. “I’ve never actually invested in crypto.

He said the person followed up. “It was, ‘oh, by the way, here are the trading sites.'”

At first, the person referred him to legitimate trading platforms where Mursi said he decided to open an account. 

“She started sharing with me links to this new company,” Mursi said. “Then said that they’re about to start having their crypto be…

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