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Mount Equity Group Report: Internet Strategy Tokyo Sexwale Fell for

Online Scams

Mount Equity Group Report: Internet Strategy Tokyo Sexwale Fell for


Tokyo Sexwale is not only a world-known magnate. He’s also a controversial character that doesn’t shy away from being in the spotlight. The famous anti-apartheid South African activist has many reasons to take pride in his political and social endeavors.

Besides his fight for human rights, he is also a prolific and prosperous businessman. Given his extensive experience, it’s hard to picture him as a scam victim. Let alone as someone who fell for an obvious financial scam.

However, famous people are, in the end, regular people just like the rest of us. Therefore, they have their weaknesses and flaws too. Learn more about the plain internet scam Tokyo Sexwale fell for.

The White Spiritual Boy Trust (WSB)

The scam targeting Tokyo and dozens of other people seems to be copy-pasted from a sitcom script. Even its name weakens its credibility and might make many decent men frown. The individuals who orchestrated the scam were clearly creative people. They came with an emotional story that revolved around helping poor people in Africa.

The White Spiritual Boy Trust was a fake trust fund. Allegedly, its purpose was to help the poor in Africa. Theoretically, the money in the fund had to support critical key areas such as education.

So far so good. Yet, the fund which doesn’t only strike through its eye-catching name is also veiled in mystery. Supposedly, a wealthy foreign donor or group of donors of unknown origin and names set up the fund.

The Fund’s Location and Resources

The WSB’s is said to be based in Singapore. Its signatory is a man who goes by the name Clark Leong Boey. The trust includes a master account in the United States. Additionally, it also has several sub-accounts in South Africa.

According to a QAnon, the fund is related to large-scale conspiracies. Based on this theory, it has to do with financial domination and a group of powerful Illuminati. These unknown world leaders have put aside a fund of $600 trillion.

A generous share of $3 trillion was on deposit with South Africa’s Standard Bank. This is the amount that would go into education and other social endeavors. Thus, it would support South Africans.

WSB’s Implications in South Africa

The fund’s founders also tried to give it political implication according to documents published by Daily Maverick. Boey stated that the fund’s South African mandate approached South Africa’s Standard Bank (SARB) in 2016.

The mandate highlighted the challenges the country was facing. He also pointed out that the change of president could lead to further difficulties. At least until the next elections.

The social and political context is a fragile one. Therefore, the White Spiritual Boy Trust would bring vital assistance. Moreover, it would financially assist all government spheres. Finally, the letter concluded that the country should promptly accept the trust fund.

The Scam

Is the name of the trust and its shady origins not enough to raise suspicions? Then, what happened next is. The White Spiritual Boy’s money suddenly vanished. In theory, the money was stolen. The amount was by no means insignificant. According to Sexwale and not only, the fund gathered billions of rands.

Sexwale’s Accusations

Tokyo Sexwale accused the SARB (South Africa’s Standard Bank) and Treasury of allowing the fraud to occur. Moreover, he was not the only one to make such accusations. The bank received complaints from many others who reported the same incident.

The tycoon’s accusations emerged in a televised interview. The host of the spicy talk show was JJ Tabane. In short, during the interview, Sexwale said he consider the theft real. He believed that the trust and the money really existed. Moreover, he highlighted it had great potential in helping the poor.

He supported the theory according to which someone stole the money. And considered that they stole it directly from the bank or during the transfer. Additionally, the man did not refrain from criticizing those in charge.

He said that these people were aware of the fund’s existence. With these accusations, he referred to SA’s former presidents and ministers. Furthermore, he accused them of not using the lavish resources to help people.

The Response

Obviously, SARB officials didn’t wait for too long before replying to the tycoon’s accusation. They replied through Ziyanda Mtshali, the institution’s spokesman. The man said that the prestigious magnate simply fell for a ‘common scam’.

In addition, the spokesman said that the WSB story was just one of multiple similar requests. The bank has received numerous such promises in the past. Yet, they always responded with caution and skepticism. These unexpected and unfounded offerings are usually mere scams.

To support the bank’s attitude, Ziyanda Mtshali added that investigations were made. According to their results, there was no proof of the WSB’s existence. Hence, it was all just a scam.

In courtesy of Mount Equity Group.

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