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How Veterans Can Avoid Financial Fraud & Protect Themselves Online

Online Scams

How Veterans Can Avoid Financial Fraud & Protect Themselves Online


Operational security is second nature as a veteran. You’d never consider giving up information that would compromise the mission. Do you give your personal and financial security the same amount of attention? Scammers may think veterans are an easily targeted group, but you can avoid being targeted for fraud by taking a few steps.

Some of the common techniques for scamming veterans are by taking advantage of their financial situation and their reliance on disability payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans frequently get phishing emails and phone calls from people pretending to be associated with their military-affiliated bank. There’s no end to what people will try to steal identity or money.

How to Avoid It

It is possible to avoid financial fraud, but it takes some diligence and hard work on your end. It’s important to know what to look for when embarking on an employment search, carefully screening phone calls and email, and remember that you don’t have to give out personal information to anyone.      

Employment Scams

Fake job applications are one way scammers can get your information. Never put your Social Security number on a job application and keep an eye out for red flags. Jobs that ask you for money down or promise big rewards immediately are usually scams.

Phishing Scams

Be careful with the information you give out over the phone. If you’re doubting the validity of the phone call, ask them…

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