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How to Talk to Boomer Parents About Digital Scams


How to Talk to Boomer Parents About Digital Scams


When we think of digital fraud, your granny who still has an AOL email might come to mind. After all, didn’t she almost get scammed out of her retirement after sharing everything from her favorite way to remove coffee stains to her social security number with a phony customer service agent? While scammers are still targeting the tech-adverse, Todd Rovak, co-founder of Carefull, a digital platform built to protect the daily finances of older adults,  shares that according to the latest available data from the Federal Trade Commission, in 2021, text messages were the most common contact method used by scammers in frauds. The scammers are evolving, and not even the technological-efficient (or even savvy) are safe. Seriously, if the former Director of the CIA was a target, it’s safe to assume your parents would be too. So millennials, here’s how to talk to your boomer parents—no matter how digitally astute they may be—about looming digital scams. With the help of Rovak, here’s why—and how—to get the conversation going.

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