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How to spot a text from a fraudster

Credit Card Scams

How to spot a text from a fraudster


There’s a text doing the rounds pretending to be from An Post. This text goes to the core of online scamming. It looks real. It’s letting you know there’s a parcel waiting for you, all you have to do is pay €1.90. The desire to have this parcel that could be something you forgot you ordered late one night may outweigh the common sense that must come into play when faced with the dilemma — is it real or not.

Like other businesses that have to manage online scamming, An Post do what they can to protect their customers. But this wave of online text scamming is starting to feel like it’s getting out of control and it’s hard to know how far things will go.

An Post has issued warning that they will never call, email, or text asking for your bank account or card details, user ID, or PIN. They also say they will never send customers messages that contain any links when contacting them about the payment of customs charges. The message from other businesses is similar.

Fraudsters don’t care about you, all they want is your money. And, they will go to any lengths to get that money such as pretending to be someone’s child. Fraudsters are texting and engaging their victims to the point of carrying out a text conversation posing as their child and then asking “their” parent to send over a picture of their credit card as they need to buy a new phone quickly.

According to Visa, consumers are targeted around twice a week by online scams. They say that in order to protect…

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