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How To Get Money Back on Cash App If Scammed

Credit Card Scams

How To Get Money Back on Cash App If Scammed


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While many people act in good faith, there are plenty of con artists and scammers out there, too. According to the U.S. Federal Reserve, there were 2.8 million reports of fraud across the country in 2021, with losses growing 70% year-over-year to $5.8 billion.

As scammers continue to look for new ways to get their hands on consumers’ hard-earned money, financial institutions are fighting back, providing ways for their customers to recoup that money. Filing a dispute with their credit card companies is one way consumers can get their money returned. But what about Cash App? How do scammed Cash App users get their money back?  

Can You Get a Refund on Cash App If Scammed?

One of the most popular mobile payment apps in the United States, Cash App offers basic fraud protection services. These services include canceling pending transactions, requesting a refund from the receiver in transactions and ultimately disputing transactions if the receiver of the money won’t provide a refund. 

How Do You Get a Refund on Pending Transactions?

Cash App transactions generally happen instantly and users typically can’t cancel them, but they do have the option to do so before a transaction is completed in some rare cases. If you believe a pending…

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