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How to Avoid Contractor Scams | Sponsored Content: News From Local Businesses

Construction Scams

How to Avoid Contractor Scams | Sponsored Content: News From Local Businesses


At times it may seem like there is someone out to scam you around every corner. According to The Federal Trade Commission, consumers reported losing more than $5.8 billion in 2021, a 70% increase from 2020. From the relentless assault of text messages, robocalls, and email scams, to deceitful car mechanics and dishonest dentists—the consumer’s guard is always up. These scams even extend into our most intimate dealings, our home. According to The New York Post, “One in three American homeowners have fallen victim to a home renovation scam,” (NYPost.com).

Sadly, no one is immune from these scams, even the most vulnerable. The Malc-Juliano family experienced the callousness of a home contractor scam first-hand. Their 15-year-old son, Logan, has quadriplegia cerebral palsy. “At the time, I had to carry Logan upstairs, use a small bathtub to give him a bath, and then physically transfer him from the bathtub to his bed. It was becoming unsafe,” says Aruna, Logan’s mother. So, they hired a contractor to convert an area on their first floor into a wheelchair-accessible bedroom and bathroom. “We interviewed several contractors and honestly thought we had done our due diligence,” Aruna says. They hired their contractor, had blueprints made, obtained all necessary permits, and paid their contractor $23,000. “We gave the contractor a check pre-covid, and they never started the job. We had to hire an attorney and eventually settled out-of-court,”…

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