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Homeowners warned of increasing contractor, service scams

Construction Scams

Homeowners warned of increasing contractor, service scams


The Nevada State Contractors Board is warning homeowners, especially the more vulnerable, like senior citizens and non-English speaking residents, to be on the lookout for unsolicited “too good too be true” offers from door-to-door salesmen or inexpensive home services from sites like Craigslist.

Michael Phillips, public information officer for the Nevada State Contractors Board, states that since COVID-19, they have seen an increase in call-in complaints regarding unsolicited people going door-to-door. Apparently, the rise in home-improvements during lockdowns brought opportunity to nefarious individuals looking to take advantage of the trend. With spring being prime home-improvement time, scammers have even greater opportunities to prey on the vulnerable.

This scamming trend is reminiscent of the “Travelers” we’ve seen in years past in various states, including Nevada. In June 2018, NSCB issued a consumer alert regarding “Unlicensed ‘Traveler’ Offering Roof Repairs To Scam Southern Nevada Residents.”

Executive Officer Margi A. Grein explained, “Travelers are known for their well-versed sales tactics, requests for large down payments and performing little or no work in return. Anyone who is unable to provide you with a contractor’s license number should be an instant red flag.”

Whether or not the current flurry of scams is related to “Travelers” has not been announced, but their tactics are similar.

More red flags to look for include:


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