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Home and Away spoilers – Mac devastated after PK scam

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Home and Away spoilers – Mac devastated after PK scam


Home and Away spoilers follow from Thursday’s Australian episode (May 12), which some UK viewers may prefer to avoid.

Home and Away‘s Mackenzie Booth has hit rock bottom after being targeted in a disturbing scam in the show’s latest Australian episodes.

Mac is currently at the centre of a huge storyline, as she has been trying to solve her financial crisis at Salt by hosting illegal gambling nights at the restaurant.

In this week’s Australian episodes, Mac organised another event and hoped it would run as smoothly as the others, but mysterious newcomer PK found a sickening way to manipulate her.

PK told Mac that the house had lost, so she supposedly owed $100,000 to the poker players. He then stepped in by claiming that he’d cover the debt for her, but demanded that she slept with him as repayment.

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A horrified Mac felt pressured into joining PK at a hotel room, but she ultimately refused to go through with his loathsome demands and walked out.

Back home in Summer Bay, Mac was horrified as her brother Dean Thompson explained that the house doesn’t lose in poker, so PK had tricked her.

As Mac considered how to take revenge on PK, Dean urged her to concentrate on fixing her debt crisis instead. He pointed out that she could still consider asking her boyfriend Logan Bennett for a loan.

Mac briefly considered it, but felt too…

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